ECS Labourer Card Requirements are Changing

The application criteria for the ECS Labourer Card are being amended, to reinforce the fact that only those working in the electrotechnical industry are eligible for a card.

Changes implemented by CSCS mean that labourers within the construction industry are required to take a health and safety qualification. This has led to a number of individuals outside of the electrical industry applying for an ECS Labourer card to bypass the new measures that have been introduced.

From 01 October 2017, applicants will need to prove as part of their application that they are employed by an electrical contractor, or other electrotechnical employer.

“The ECS Labourer card is for those working in the electrotechnical industry with a specific role to assist skilled staff in the fitting, setting up and assembly of electrical installations,” said Steve Brawley, chief executive of the JIB who administers the ECS card in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

“It must not be seen as an easy way for non-electrical operatives to gain a CSCS partner card for access to sites, therefore we’re introducing this measure to safeguard the card and the legitimate Electrical Labourer card holders.”



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