NAPIT technical helpline rated high among members

Feedback from a recent survey shows that NAPIT members found the technical helpline service incredibly useful when requesting help with a job.

95 per cent of members rated the technical officer’s knowledge 8 out of 10 or higher the friendliness of NAPIT’s technical staff also ranked high, achieving a fantastic 8 out of 10 or higher for 93 per cent of respondents. Further to this 91 per cent of members stated that the phone was answered promptly.

Overall, the total responses showed that 97 per cent of NAPIT members believe that their query was dealt with to a satisfactory standard, coupled with an impressive 98 per cent that said they would recommend the use of NAPIT’s Technical Helpline to others.

Frank Bertie, NAPIT Group Technical Director said,

“At NAPIT we feel it is mandatory for our business to provide a backbone of help and support for our members. We shall continue raising our standards and most importantly, continue to listen to the changes our members seek. We take pride in our technical helpline service and I am glad that our members are continuing to acknowledge its worth and are willing to recommend it to others.”

Our technical support is offered to members so that their challenging questions can be answered throughout the day. Members can also be assured that there is no problem too big or small for the expert technical advisors to handle.

NAPIT also offers members the opportunity to join the NAPIT Forum which can be used in and out of work hours to exchange trade knowledge, discuss views and get support from fellow trading professionals. This handy resource is also monitored by technical support professionals as an alternative to the NAPIT Technical helpline.

If you would like to enquire about the benefits of joining NAPIT as a member with 24/7 technical advice through the helpline and NAPIT Forum, call 0345 543 0330 or visit for more information.



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