Electrical Safety Roundtable Makes Strides Toward Electrical Safety

This year has seen the Electrical Safety Roundtable (ESR) make great strides in campaigning to raise awareness of electrical safety across the UK and seeking the introduction of mandatory electrical safety checks in the private rented sector.

The Roundtable has made a concerted effort to review rating websites and understand how they assess the competency of electricians listed on their websites. Across the country, homeowners use rating websites to find electricians in their local area, yet are often not provided with information about their qualifications and competency. Moving forward, the Roundtable is looking to work with rating websites in an effort to provide consumers with more guidance and information on the installers listed on their websites. With these changes, the Roundtable is hopeful homeowners will be able to make informed decisions about the tradespeople they employ. To tie in with this the Roundtable has also been actively engaging with consumer facing websites in a bid to make the information available on electrical safety consistent and further emphasize the importance of using competent electrical installers.

Chris Bielby, Chairman of the Electrical Safety Roundtable, commented:

The Electrical Safety Roundtable has once again proven its worth based on the advancements it has made this year. This success has been reflected by the fact that the Roundtable has gained an additional seven participants therefore broadening the range of industry stakeholders it represents. Going forward, the Roundtable wants to build on the achievements of this year and continue to demonstrate its value to the industry.

For further information on the Electrical Safety Roundtable visit, www.electricalsafetyroundtable.co.uk 

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