Scottish public expresses shock and disbelief as SELECT reveals dangers of rogue electricians

An unprecedented surge of public support has been revealed for the stance of campaigning body SELECT on the official recognition of the electricians in Scotland.

In a series of High Street video interviews in major cities across Scotland, members of the public expressed shock and disbelief at statistics showing the number of rogue electricians who are potentially putting public safety at risk.

The videos, which can be viewed by clicking here were commissioned by SELECT to highlight the need for regulation of an occupation which is now underpinned by strict professional standards.

Participants, confronted by the fact that hundreds of unqualified electricians were offering services throughout Scotland said that the current situation was “scandalous” and should be regulated and monitored.

SELECT, supported by the trade unions, has been at the forefront of the push for official recognition of electricians as professional people and to help stamp out the ongoing problem of untrained electricians posing as qualified tradesmen.

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