JCC Skytile® LED Panel

JCC’s market leading Skytile® LED Panel is now available with integrated daylight harvesting or microwave presence detection.

JCC’s new Skytile® Sense range uses microwave presence detection or daylight harvesting to ensure energy is only used when needed, which decreases energy consumption and dramatically increases energy savings. The integrated driver-sensor simply attaches to the back of the Skytile® using magnets, creating an effortless installation. The technology used within the integrated driver-sensor allows detection through the panel, meaning no additional sensors or cutouts are required.

Microwave Presence Detection

Skytile® Sense Microwave Presence Detection option ensures that frequently vacant areas are only fully illuminated when in use, cutting down unnecessary energy usage. With various step dim and hold time options, it is ideal for corridors, toilets and infrequently used offices.

Daylight Harvesting

The Skytile® Sense Daylight Harvesting option ensures only the right amount of light is supplied to the room. Using intelligent sensors that detect UV light, Skytile® Sense Daylight Harvesting dims the fitting down based on the natural light that enters the room, making it ideal for rooms that have large windows. The installer simply sets the required Lux level on the working plane on the intuitive dip switch design, and the panel does the rest, further reducing energy use and ensuring the workplace is adequately lit.

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