Collingwood Halers H2 Pro 550

The latest offering in the H2 range is the H2 Pro 550. If you’re looking for flexibility, this is the powerful LED downlight that gives you more choice and more control. The unit is mains dimmable, comes with 38° or 60° beam angles, and gives you a choice of 11 round or square bezels. Because the bezels are separate, you can fit them after other ceiling finishes. Now offering 580lms and a 20% reduced profile of only 56mm for those difficult to fit ceiling voids.

The H2 Pro 550 is ideal for locations where you might want to adapt light levels to suit the situation. At full brightness it’s equivalent to a 50W halogen lamp. If you choose a wider beam angle, you’ll get a wider spread of bright light, which means you may well need fewer fittings when compared to using a traditional 38° beam angle. Fire-rated, IP65 rated and dimmable.

Features & Benefits:

  • Slimline twist & lock bezels (sold separately)
  • Equivalent to 50W halogen
  • Flexible driver position for easy installation
  • Low profile depth – 56mm
  • Life of LED: 70,000hrs


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