The ultra fast, tool-less connection system from JCC – LevLink

It goes without saying that for many contractors, speed and ease of installation is often a primary factor when selecting light fittings. In essence, the faster the fittings can be installed, the more installations can be completed.

At JCC they have been trying to combat this problem with innovative designs that will make the task at hand easier. With this in mind, they’ve  developed the new LevLink™ connector range, which offers a revolutionary new tool-less wiring system that dramatically reduces installation time by up to 10 times faster.

The LevLink™ Switched Live replaces the traditional junction box and dramatically reduces the time spent on first fix switched live wiring. The vast majority of today’s connectors that require the contractor to insert the corresponding live, earth and neutral wires into a single terminal point.

In contrast to traditional wiring systems, LevLink™ uses ultra-fast press fit termination and tool-less cord grips, completely negating the need for the unnecessary screws or ratcheting that plague current connectors.

LevLink™ offers a dedicated terminal point for each wire, meaning that cables can be quickly cut to uniform length and inserted directed into their respective position. The intelligent PCB configuration automatically reconnects the current, removing the need to manually overlap.

The LevLink™ connector provides the ability to first fix, ensuring that circuits can be wired and tested prior to connecting the fittings. This avoids fixtures getting damaged or tarnished during installation.


Standard Plug & Play Connector

LevLink™ Standard Plug & Play is the ultra-fast, tool-less replacement for traditional screw-fit connectors. Supplied with both male and female connectors, LevLink™ Standard allows for quick and easy loop-in loop-out first fix installation.




LevLink™ vs. Screw-fit Connector

LevLink™ uses ultra-fast push fit termination, which unlike traditional screw-fit terminals requires no tools for installation, vastly reducing installation time.




Switched Live Plug & Play Connector 

LevLink™ Switched Live Plug & Play addresses the inherent issues of junction boxes and dramatically reduces the time for first fix switched live wiring. Dedicated push fit terminal points, meaning the cables can be quickly cut to uniform length and inserted directly into their respective terminal point.



First Fix Installation 

LevLink™ has been designed to allow for first fix installation. This allows testing of the circuit to be carried out prior to the installation of the fitting, minimising the risk of damage. The secure cable restraint ensures complete peace of mind during installation.



Standard with Hybrid9 

LevLink™ comes pre-wired to our innovative Hybrid9™ LED Downlight. The detachable LevLink™ connector allows Hybrid9™ to be removed for first fix wiring, minimising the risk of damage to the luminaire.



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